Key Stage 3

In key stage 3 students will establish basic art skills consisting of drawing and painting skills, print making, and sculpture/pottery. These can be advanced in KS4 in mainstream to GCSE, or to the NCFE Craft level 2 qualification.

Students will be able to:

  • Develop and adapt craft ideas.
  • Produce craft works.
  • Use materials and resources to develop craft skills and techniques.
  • Advance research skills to use primary and secondary resources to inform work.

Students are promoted to continue work at home or bring in any inspired work to lessons to add to their sketchbooks and course file.

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Key Stage 4

This qualification is designed for learners with an interest in craft and can be delivered in a variety of contexts, the focus being ceramics and pottery. Students will work towards completing a portfolio of evidence, 3D clay work, and will sit an exam paper as part of the course.

Course focus:

  • use raw materials, tools and equipment in a safe and competent manner
  • develop analytical and research skills
  • evaluate their own work, develop ideas and learning through the craft process
  • develop an overview of enterprise skills and characteristics present in successful enterprising individuals


  • Unit 01 Exploring craft and enterprise skills
  • Unit 02 Research and develop design ideas for craft items
  • Unit 03 Respond to a craft brief
  • Unit 04 Produce final craft work

The course title is NCFE Level 2 certificate in creative studies: Craft. Units 1, 2 & 4 are assessed internally from a portfolio of evidence. Unit 3 is an exam paper which is externally assessed. All units are mandatory.